Our Team

Kevin Maxwell
Owner, President BSM Groups LLC

After more than 34 years in the telecommunications industry, Kevin founded BSM groups in 2018. The goal was to develop best of class Right of Way permitting, pole engineering services, and construction project support for telecommunication providers. Today BSM Groups offers products and processes developed by our founder and implemented by the great team professionals he has selected and trained. Kevin puts himself into every client’s request for service, not just to serve the client but to serve as unto the Lord.

Whatever work you do, put yourself into it, as those who are serving not merely other people, but the Lord. (Colossians 3:23)

Cole Spivey
Director of Operations
  • (812) 521-2393

  • (812) 271-2413 [Office Phone]
  • cole@bsmgroups.com

Cole is a key part of the day-to-day operations at BSM Groups by managing the input and output of workflow. Cole oversees each department and works with each department manager to ensure high quality work is provided.

Janae Maksymtsev
Director of Human Resources & Employee Development
  • (812) 271-2408
  • janae@bsmgroups.com

Janae is responsible for identifying training and development needs and executing on initiatives to meet those needs. She oversees the Human Resources operations and works closely with team leads to optimize inter-departmental communication and collaboration.

Ric Fisher
Senior Project Manager / Estimator
  • (812) 569-8357

  • ric.fisher@bsmgroups.com

Our Senior Project Manager’s duties include interacting with municipalities, counties, and state entities on behalf of our clients to acquire information and documentation needed to complete their work. Ric also provides guidance and support to the BSM teams and clients to expedite quick and accurate project support. Ric has 42 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and will deliver unsurpassed support for your construction projects.

David Fontanez
Project Manager
  • (812) 271-2406
  • david@bsmgroups.com

As a Project Manager David is responsible for the uptake of work from our clients and directing the work to the appropriate departments for completion to ensure the best possible turn around time.

Paige Ingalsbe
Project Manager
  • (812) 271-2416

  • paige@bsmgroups.com

As a Project Manager Paige is responsible for the uptake of work from our clients and directing the work to the appropriate departments for completion to ensure the best possible turn around time.

Michaiah Maxwell
Pole Engineering Manager
  • michaiah@bsmgroups.com

Michaiah is one of the founding members of BSM Groups LLC and has worked in each service area. She helped develop the company’s process and employee training in the early stages of establishing the company. As a client project manager, she is responsible for the uptake of work from our client entities and directing the work to the appropriate departments for completion. Along with her duties at BSM, she is currently studying at Florida International University to complete her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

Rebecca Ruiz
Joint Use Manager
  • (812) 498-7790

  • rebecca@bsmgroups.com

Our team handles requests from telecommunication providers to install their product on power company-owned poles. We visit the job site, take detailed pictures and measurements of the power poles included in the project, and decide how best to process the attachment request in our client’s best interest. We then communicate with power companies on behalf of our clients to approve their attachment requests.

This department also handles communication between power companies and our clients regarding pole replacement or removal requests. We organize and prioritize these requests per our client’s needs, follow up on these requests and provide feedback when the request is complete.

Our Pole Engineering department also provides assistance and support to our clients for Pole Audits, Ride Outs, and Violation mitigation planning.

Lucy Goins
Permits Manager
  • (812) 271-2405

  • lucy.patterson@bsmgroups.com

Lucy oversees the day-to-day operation of the right-of-way permitting department. Our permitting department delivers adequate, concise permit applications to the jurisdictions within our client’s project scope. Once a permit is submitted, we follow up with the jurisdiction until your permit is approved. Our right-of-way permitting process, our dedicated staff and, our attention to detail promises the permits you need.

Breanna Jones
Operations Administrator
  • (812) 521-5284
  • breanna.jones@bsmgroups.com
Christopher Lockhard
Field and Safety Manager
  • (812) 521-5034

  • chris.lockhard@bsmgroups.com

Danielle Huff
Project Manager
  • (812) 521-6671
  • danielle.huff@bsmgroups.com
Eric McCoy
Estimating Manager
  • eric.mccoy@bsmgroups.com

As the Estimating Manager, Eric oversees a team of highly qualified personnel to ensure that every job received by BSM has the most accurate information provided from the clients so that the other BSM team members can be accurate in the work required. He also reviews the estimates the team provides to ensure accuracy and that we have provided the most competitive estimate in the market.

Derrick Ackeret
Drafting Manager
  • derrick.Ackeret@bsmgroups.com

Derrick oversees the workflow of the CAD drafting department. The CAD drafting department assembles projects using information collected from our client’s requests and authoritative resources such as GIS, SPANS, and our in-house poles team. Our skilled drafters create a detailed plan and profile for each project and customize it to our clients’ unique standards. Derrick works with drafters and ensures each product delivered is error-free and of excellent quality.

Tyonna Albertson
Office Administrator
  • (812) 271-2402

  • tyonna.albertson@bsmgroups.com

Tyonna oversees daily office administration operations, assists with Human Resources duties, handles accounts payable and receivable, and manages scheduling and general administrative tasks.